Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ultimate Quick Comfort Food - Lazy Carbonara

Hmm ... a bit of a hiatus, eh?

Can we just pretend I've been posting stuff all along?

Its odd. I have been cooking and baking and seeing neat stuff around this beautiful corner of the world I'm in, and I have been taking my camera along on every step and stir and taste and chat of the way, yet I haven't been updating. Motivation = zilch.

So my most sincere apologies if you've been checking and my laziness has annoyed you. I've been thinking about you if that makes it any better :)

I'm going to return with one of my favorite comfort foods. Carbonara. It is quick, easy, cheap and super tasty. Its not very waistline-friendly, so its a very infrequent treat in our house. But its so good that literally every single time I ask A what he wants for dinner he responds with 'Carbonara'. Quick. He even makes it a single syllable. He'd have it every night of the week. Good thing I'm here to force feed him veggies once in a while :)

Here's how I make it:


6 Smoked rashers with fat trimmed (or you could used back bacon, just make sure its smoked)
1 pint mushrooms
pasta (I used fresh tagliatelle and spaghetti. Cause its what I had open :)

Ignore the bag of peas. I usually put them in, but I forgot :)
Slice the rashers and mushrooms and toss into a dry pan. Stir them around while they start to cook. Meanwhile, start a pot of water boiling.
When the rashers and mushrooms start looking like they're nearly done, throw in enough cream to cover the bottom of the pan. If your water is boiling, throw in the pasta (as I used fresh, it only needed a couple of minutes. If you're using dried, have the pasta in boiling water before you start prepping the sauce).

 Let it simmer down until the cream thickens to your desired consistency and dump the cooked pasta right in with it.

 Give it a stir around and let it continue to cook together until it gets to the point you want. I like very little sauce and for the noodles to soak up the creamy-bacony-mushroomy deliciousness, but if you want more of a sauce just add more cream or take the whole beautiful concoction out as soon as you've mixed it all together.

Serve to rapturous applause
How do you make carbonara? What's your favorite comfort food?
Quick heads up - this months Daring Baker's challenge is aw-SOME! Make sure to come back tomorrow to see it. So so so good.
Hope your week is going well :)
Jenn x