Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy day-after-the-day-after-the-day-after-Halloween!!

Greetings all!!!

I hope you've had a wonderful few months since my last post. I've been terribly busy and have had a terrible internet connection, which is a real bummer (taking nearly an hour to upload a single picture. Brings out the grouchy in me!). I turned 30, travelled between Ireland and North America twice, had some BIG personal status adjustments and was (thankfully) very, very busy with work. It was all wonderful and I will provide some pictures and info in the next few posts. Unfortunately this poor blog suffered. So now that the evenings are zooming in and I have -finally- upgraded to some wireless internet, I am optimistic. I've been doing some really neat stuff in the kitchen and have been keeping track of it so I will share it here in the coming days.

As a quick hello treat I'm sharing the pumpkins I carved for Hallowe'en this year.
Did you celebrate Hallowe'en?


Jenn x

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  1. AMAZING!!! i've never attempted pumpkin carving but now i think i should :) btw welcome back