Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tantalizing Salad Dressing

It was one of those days. I slept in (because I could. not. put. down. the hunger games until I finished it at 1am) so was a little late for work. When I got there I realized the instruments that analyzed my testing from yesterday didn't work the way they should and my work had to be repeated. Then I broke some glass. And then I broke some more. Then I wondered if I should have stayed in bed.

Do we all have these days? Please say you have them sometimes so I don't feel alone in my goofy-ness.


At the end of a kinda messy day like this I make myself reach for a healthy dinner instead of a fast dinner that probably wouldn't help un-muddle my brain. A chicken salad can't be beaten.

For me, what defines whether I love a salad or not is the dressing. Basically everywhere you go a green salad has the same ingredients: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, avocado and any other selection of veggies. So with the main components being consistent, the dressing can really shine and make the difference between whether I finish every scrap of vegetable or pick out the good stuff and go have a cup of tea and a bickie.

When I moved to Ireland 7 years ago I had one bag and had to be very selective about what I brought over with me. My recipe book that I write my all-time favorites into was one of the first things in the bag. And this dressing recipe was the first one I wrote in. Its really fantastic so if you don't have a go-to recipe for salad dressing give this one a go and see if you like it. Its better than any I've ever bought and I hope you like it too!

  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp mustard (I use wholegrain)
  • 1 tsp dill
  • 1 tsp aromat
  • 1/2-1 tsp Maggi seasoning
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
Combine the vinegar, mustard, dill, aromat and Maggi in a blender. With the blender on, slowly drizzle the oil into the mixture until combined. Pour into bottles.
Give a good shake before pouring onto salad. Yum!!!

And remember Gordon Ramsey's statement: 'If you pick up a lettuce leaf in your salad and dressing drips off it, there is too much'.

What is your favorite way to make salad dressing?


Jenn x


  1. i love a good salad and this dressing sounds delicious. And yes i definitely have some days like that.......in fact they often turn out to be a week! hope your week has been ok :)

  2. Holy carps are you even blogging again! You should post your page on fb or goog+; I woulda commented sooner!
    So, a couple questions:
    1. what is aromat, as you have no picture of it with your ingredients
    2. when you say, 'go have a cup of tea and a bickie.' I have to ask - what is a bickie?

  3. hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas :)