Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post # 2: To Market, To Market!!

Today I headed to the Farmer's Market in my adopted hometown of Naas. Its located in the parking lot of a fancy-schmancy restaurant near the center of town. There aren't too many stalls, maybe around 12, but there is a good variety of stuff available there. When I arrive I usually make a bee-line for the organic veg stalls, which supply veggies grown on a local organic farm. This kills two birds with one stone from my perspective: (1) local produce is better for the environment because it doesn't need to travel as far, which means its fresher for me (and anyone who calls for dinner :) ) and (2) organic produce is devoid of the nasty chemicals that is poured onto a lot of fruit and veg found in the standard shops. I worked as a grocery manager in an organic fruit and veg department when I lived in PG, so in that role I gained an appreciation for how much better the organic stuff tasted compared to the chemical-laden alternatives (especially bananas!) well before I started reading about the health benefits.

View walking into the market

Organic produce isn't as widely available here as it is at home in Canada so Farmer's Markets are a great way to get locally grown produce. The market in Naas is fantastic as it has more than just the veg stalls - one where you can get potted organic plants and herbs, delicious cheeses (with the best goat's cheese ever!), organically grown fish, a noodle bar, a stand with every type of anti pasti you could fathom, fancy-dancy chocolatiers, all-natural bakery and a coffee stall where I usually get a yummy cup of java for the drive home.

Yes, four different types of potatoes!! It is Ireland after all :)

I didn't bring my camera so only took a few pictures with my phone, but I'll try to remember to bring my beast next week and get pics of each of the stalls. It is a really lovely place to start the day.

Anyway, back to the veg stall I love. I only took a couple of pictures but you can see the variety of organic produce (mostly vegetables) available. I mostly go for the local stuff, like onions, potatoes, leeks, lettuces, sweet and regular potatoes, but there is a lot of organic veg brought in from Holland, such as the artichokes and a few varieties of apples. There is also a lot of organic whole spices available too. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy tumeric yet. Have you seen whole tumeric before? It reminds me of a young insect and kinda creeps me out. Think I'll stick to the ground version for the moment :)

It was a lovely morning I really enjoyed, and I'm looking  forward to the yummies I'll enjoy with my local organic treasures :)


Jenn x


  1. Oh how I wish we had such a market like this! I'd love to see more pictures, especially of the whole turmeric! We try to by local and organic too. Is organic quite pricey there?

  2. I'll try to remember to bring my camera this weekend. It is a really lovely market. If for nothing else but the tumeric. Its the oddest looking herb!

    Organic is a bit more expensive than stuff you'd get in a suprmarket but I think its definitely worth it. Going local would be my number one choice tho. Are you able to get local produce in the winter?