Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post # 3: Adventures in Soup!

Ok, so I know soup isn't exactly adventurous, but I tried a new recipe that included 2 ingredients I've never cooked with before. I'm pretty risky when it comes to trying new things so finding a recipe that has more than one veg I haven't used as the primary ingredients seemed like a mini adventure and a great way to use some of my treasures from yesterday's farmer's market. Also, as I've been out for over a week with my back in bits, its about all the adventure I can handle. So an adventure nonetheless!! :)

Ingredient # 1 is the sweet potato. I don't think I've ever tasted that before and definitely haven't brought one through my door. Its a pretty ugly veg in my opinion (although not many pretty things grow underground) but when its cut open it is a lovely orange-red colour. It doesn't really smell like anything either, so I was unsure how it would play out as the star of my soup.

Ingredient #2 is lemongrass. I have only started seeing lemongrass in supermarkets here recently but hadn't ventured to cook with it before now. When I saw organic lemongrass in the farmer's market yesterday I decided it was time to begin our friendship.

It looks like a reed and has dry, hard outer layers and kind of reminded me of a very tiny leek. The outer husks are peeled away and there is a moist center where all the joy comes from. When I chopped the center part of the lemongrass I was surprised to see how pretty with alternating white and deep purple layers. Oh and how gorgeous it smelled!! It really was like essence of lemon. Just delicious! I wasn't at all worried at how it would play out in my soup :)
Some slices of lemongrass beside a whole one to show how the colour changes down the herb

So along with a few other veg, the soup was made and it was really, really yummy! It was pretty thick so I added about an extra litre of water, but the flavour was fantastic, very nice and subtle. I really enjoyed it and will make it again, especially coming into the winter. An added bonus - if you have anyone hesitant about getting their veg, they're nicely hidden.


Jenn x

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  1. Sweet potato and lemon grass. Interesting... I've never head of that combination before. I might have to try it out. I usually roast my sweet potato in the oven first and then make it into a soup. Yum! Sweet potato soup sings autumn to me :)