Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post # 4: Work in progress ...

So I had this butternut squash just ... calling to me. It yearned to be used, to fulfil its destiny, (kind of like those Christmas trees Phoebe was so mad into protecting) or in other words - to be made into soup. I have a standby butternut squash soup recipe I really like and make quite often but I also have some leeks I need to use and they don't jive with my original recipe. I did some searching and found a recipe using both the butternut squash and leeks: 'Butternut and Apple Harvest Soup' (here's the recipe) and it sounded lovely. It smelled really good while it was cooking too. The sweetness of the squash and the apples mixed with the nutmeg ... I was really looking forward to it! Since I'm still on some pretty hefty painkillers for my back I substituted the white wine for apple cider vinegar and ... well ... I kinda killed it.

The vinegar is very strong. I didn't add the cream stated in the recipe and maybe that would have helped to absorb some of it. I directly substituted the vinegar for wine but should have started small and gradually added more until it was to my taste. Or even tasted it before adding any at all. Hindsight is 20/20, right? I've been trying to hide it with veg and chicken stocks as well as sugar. Anyone know any other ways to try to counteract over vinegar-ing something? I'm letting it rest overnight and I'll tackle it again tomorrow. There is a lot of soup there and so many good veggies in it, so I really want to sort it out. I don't have to waste any of it.

      Hope you have a fantastic day!


      Jenn x

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