Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post #10: Why I Love Snow

The view from my apartment this week

Just so you know, I love snow. Love love love snow. More than chocolate. More than tv. More than sleeping in. Well almost. But you get the idea. I love snow. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I grew up in north western Canada where we got savage snowfalls during winter, which kinda went from mid October to mid March. When I was a kid we had to plan our Hallowe'en costumes over a snowsuit. When I was an adult I realized that boxes of beer have bigger handles so you can carry them while wearing mittens. I loved the winters and the fun that could be had sledding, building snow forts on the front yard and going ice skating no matter how cold it got. I loved the yummy hot chocolate we got when we stumbled into the house, exhausted and chilled to the bone. We even had to leave 20 minutes earlier for mass so we had time to change from our snow boots into proper footware.

Then I moved to Ireland, where the white stuff is so infrequent that 2cm of snow literally stops the country. I haven't felt like I've gotten a proper winter. Until now :)

This amount of snow fell overnight. That is the second time my neighbour went out to clear off her jeep. That's my igloo, I mean civic, to the left of her jeep. It was cleared off before I went to bed...

The snowfall has been the main topic of the news for the last week. I heard one report that said 1 in 5 people were stranded and couldn't get into work. Cars were left all over the place and my adopted family have been trapped in their house since Monday! People are staying indoors, which is a great thing as I haven't heard of a single death on the roads this week, which is a first since I moved to Ireland (unfortunately its on the news nearly every day).

This fell overnight!! My little ledges were bare!

In fairness to the Irish, they are not at all prepared to drive in this weather so I can understand their frustration. At home we have snow tires, ploughs to clear the roads and winter boots. None of that is here. The army fellas have been out clearing the footpaths (sidewalks) so they are clearer than the roads, which have gotten pretty slushy. 

 Brushing off my car. Yes, he's wearing a Calgary Flames cap and a Gryffindor scarf. And baby blue mittens.

But despite the inconvenience, I think its just gorgeous. I love how it makes everything look pure and beautiful. I love hearing the kids all excited to be playing in it. I love the silence. I love the sound my feet make when I walk on it. I love the feeling of it in my hands. And I love the feeling when I pelt my sweetie with a snowball. I even love it when he gets me back. But he doesn't get me more than once. Growing up as the oldest of 4 who all loved snow has finally paid off :)

Its pretty helpful too. I made a dish yesterday (here's a hint):
Lamb gigot chops, homemade beef broth, carrots, thyme, baby onions and potatoes. Any guesses?

and I foolishly grabbed the very hot dish before I put it in the oven to bake (or stew. Another hint. Ha ha). And didn't I burn the heck out of my finger. Oh it was unpleasant. I shouted a bit. And jumped on the spot. And shouted a little more. And believe it or not, that didn't help. So I did the cold running water thing, and the rest in cold water thing and that helped a lot but I love my snow so I thought I'd chance it.
Ooooh that snow felt good!!!

And you know what? It worked!
Barely a mark!

So for its healing properties, overall gorgeousness and  fun potential, I LOVE SNOW!

Me and the sweetie in our Calgary Flames caps :)

How do you feel about snow?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Jenn x

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  1. Yep, Halloween costumes over snowsuits. Great post, it made me laugh :D