Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun with cookies!

Ok, so I'm doing it again. That thing where I find myself having conversations, unpacking, cleaning, cooking - and all the while, potential blog entries are going through my mind. But do I put them to computer? Not very often. Not often at all really. *sigh*

Anywho, here I go again :) I have wanted to practice piping for ages now. I think its something that appeals to my type-A (i.e. irritatingly perfectionist) personality. So along with thinking about the macarons I'd attempt while in Calgary for Christmas I figured I'd also like to try to do some sugar cookies. They'd take a heck of a lot of piping work and if we made a lot of batches, there would be even more to play with! So I pulled out an old battered and beaten (well-used-because-its-fabulous) copy of the Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking, picked up the icing recipe and some tips from Bake at 350 and got to work.

I called my little helper and we tucked into it. There were trips to Michaels to pick up extra supplies between batches and we did take over my Nana's table for 3 days because we needed space to let them dry. It was quite a process but was a whole lot of fun! My mom and Nana even picked up icing bags and tucked in. Here's a few pics of it all:

 And it begins ... with the rolling and cutting ... 

 ...then baking ... (the poor rejects on the right didn't get prettied. They got munched)

... then write out a plan for the colours you need (we only had 3 couplers and 2 bottles) ...
 ... then start to outline ...

 ... and flood (and get the co-decorator to pose) ...

 (it looked like more from this angle)

 ... and we had so much fun the next 2 generations got in on it!

... and the finished product.

We made seven batches, which was a good thing as they were given to everyone that called over and a packet was taken whenever my Nana was out visiting (which she does a lot!). They were so cute and it was a lot of fun to play with the different tips. I think we'll do it again, hopefully sooner rather than later! It was actually easy with a bit of practice, so don't be daunted if you think it'd be too difficult.

Have you ever decorated cookies like this? Any tips?


Jenn x

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