Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restaurant Review: Globefish Sushi, Calgary

I love sushi. I mean totally love. As in, if I had one meal left before I popped my clogs it would be hot and sour soup with tempura and a nice variety of sushi, both rolls and sashimi. Ooh just the thought makes my mouth water!

 Mixed tempura appetizer. Um ... I was a little late taking the picture. We'd eaten about half of it :(

When I was in Calgary over Christmas (seriously, I think I've mentioned that enough :) ) I met up with a few friends from my high school graduation class. As I'm not too familiar with Calgary I asked them to suggest a meeting place for lunch. When my friend's wife suggested sushi, I did a little happy dance and crossed my fingers, as I know sushi isn't to everyone's taste. To my delight, the others agreed and off we went.
Now I am in no way an expert when it comes to sushi, I just know what I like and what I don't. And I really, really liked Globefish sushi. It was so good I went back twice more with family members! There's a big secret about sushi restaurants. Want to hear it? Are you ready? Are you sure?


You ok? It is a preconceived idea that puts a lot of people off it and I'm here to let you know that if the idea of raw fish grosses you out, that's ok! The nicest chicken teriyaki I've ever had was at a sushi restaurant in Vancouver. And tempura is just oh-so-good. Miso soup is really nice and seems to warm you from the inside out. Japanese food is filled with such delicate and beautiful flavour combinations. So don't be scared by thinking its all raw fish. But if you can bring yourself to try raw fish, go for it. Its super delish. Start with tuna. Its like candy.

Flames Roll Combo: Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy California rolls $15.95
These rolls were so so good. I loved the tuna roll the most, but I'm a bit partial to the raw tuna. The spicy sauce was a very, very spicy but gave a nice kick to the rolls.

Iginla Sushi Combo: prawn, tuna and salmon sushi with a dynamite roll. $17.95

Ohmygoodness, this was SO good. The dynamite roll had a nice crunch from the tempura prawn and the creamy avocado set it off really nicely. And I totally loved the sushi. So deliciously fresh and soft, it just melted in the mouth ... mmmm!

Crunch & Munch Roll: prawn tempura, cucumber and roe roll topped with avocado and unagi (bbq eel), served with unagi sauce and wasabi creamy sauce $13.95

I ordered this because I wanted to try unagi. Ever since hearing about it on 'Friends', I thought it'd be worth a go. And it served. This roll was really good. My favorite of all the sushi I tried (sorry for the terrible picture. This was taken on my last visit here and I didn't have my camera so had to use the phone).

My Nana is one of the people I had to convince sushi wasn't all raw stuff to get her to come along. She was a great sport and even tried some of my crunch & munch roll! But we didn't make her get stuff that creeped her out. She ordered tempura udon, which was an udon noodle soup with a side of prawn & vegetable tempura

My amazing Nana with her udon noodle soup and tempura $9.95

I had never tried udon noodles before and I really enjoyed the texture. They didn't really seem to have a flavour of their own but absorbed the flavour of the broth. They were really nice and the tempura was ... well ... fantastic.
So it was a bit expensive as far as a lunch out goes, but it was super delicious and well worth the price for an occasional treat. It was also great that my Nana realized the sushi restaurants aren't all about raw fish :)

Do you like sushi? Any favorite haunts?


Jenn x

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  1. Good on your nanna for trying it! I know my parents still won't eat sushi no matter how many times we tell them how good it is :)