Saturday, January 29, 2011

A yummy side

Despite living in the land of the spud, I am not a fan of potatoes. I like sleeping in, sunshine and red wine. I should have emigrated to Italy :)

I think maybe my lack of fondness for the famous root comes from living alone for so many years. When cooking for one, they are more of a hassle than rice or cous cous, which now that I think of it, really doesn't make much sense. They are more perishable than other starches, so maybe that's why.

Uh ... what point was I trying to make? Oh yeah - potatoes.

So I'm now buying potatoes in smaller quantities and trying to come up with more creative ways of preparing them. This is one way I've been using lately and I really enjoy it. Its in no way original, but its quick, easy and uses 3 ingredients.

1. Potatoes (you don't have to skin them, just give them a good scrub)
2. Olive oil
3. Seasoning salt. Or any type of flavouring you prefer.

We're making wedges!

So give the spuds a really good scrub. Peel if you prefer, but there is a lot of goodness in those peels so if you can handle it, leave them on. Slice the spuds any way you like, just try to have a consistent thickness so they all cook the same. Put them in a cooking pan or tray.

Drizzle with olive oil and shake on your seasoning.

Couldn't find any Lawry's seasoning salt, so I am using the Schwartz stuff. I have to remember to bring a Costco size back with me next time I'm home :)

Toss to evenly coat all the pieces of potato.

Put in an oven at 200F for 30-40 mins, tossing midway.

Oh these are s.f.g. (so-freaking-good)!!! Take them out sooner if you prefer them a bit softer. I like a good crunch.


So do you like potatoes? How do you prepare them?


Jenn x

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  1. These look great! I wish I didn't love potatoes so much! :P I find them so moreish but then they sit in my tummy for ages!