Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Movie Time: The King's Speech

I am an avid lover of movies. I love a good story and for some reason historical stuff stays in my mind if I see it in movie form a lot better than if I read it in a book. This movie is a great example of what I mean.

My amazing Nana was born in Putney, South London. I think this is why she always has had an interest in the British Monarchy. She got the whole family to sign a card of condolence she sent to Wills and Harry when Diana died. She has a few words about Charles and Camilla and pays attention to anything going on with the Royal Family. I remember her briefly telling me about how Queen Elizabeth II's father was thrust into the throne after his brother abdicated to marry his twice-divorced lover. It sounded kind of interesting, but it was something I forgot not too long after.

The movie is brilliant, and I think the details of this dramatic true event will stay with me. I really enjoyed it. The story itself was fantastic and Nana said it was very true to what actually happened. The true-to-life element really appeals to me. I love a rom-com as much as the next girl, but I hate it when a great story is destroyed by too much mushy-mushy (you know what I mean) and there was none of it in The King's Speech.

If you don't know, Queen Elizabeth II's father, King George VI, was unexpectedly thrust onto the throne. He suffered a terrible stammer, which made public speaking extremely difficult and nearly impossible. I could only imagine how frightening and frustrating that would be, being promoted to King of England when your whole life, your brother has been preparing for that and you are left to struggle with your speech impediment behind the scenes. Add to that the fact that Britain were on the brink of WWII not long after his coronation so re-assuring speeches were necessary.

During the movie, I found I was clenching my hands and grinding my teeth. I was so ... frustrated for him! I wanted to shout 'Just spit it out!!!'. I was concerned that coming into the movie that I'd only see 'Mr. Darcy' but after the first half hour or so, I saw King George VI. Colin Firth is an incredible actor and I hope the success of this film brings him the recognition I feel he deserves. Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were also incredible. The acting in this show was amazing and I really got lost in the story. It is one of the best I've seen in a good while and I'd really recommend it if it sounds like something you'd be interested in.

On a side note, I also loved that it seemed like a Pride and Prejudice reunion (one of my all time favorites) as the actors that played Mr. Collins, Lizzie and Mr. Darcey were there and some of the music sounds like it was directly from the P&P soundtrack.

Here's the trailer if you're interested:

So tell me: what are your favorite types of movies?


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  1. Great review! That's one of the few movies that I really want to see now (there's so much crud out there at the moment). I love docos the best-I'm crazy for them! :P

  2. Looks like a really good movie. I'm a huge fan of the BBC P&P too so it would be neat to see some of the same actor working together again. Thanks for the review!

  3. Wanna come watch my kid for me for an afternoon so I can go see it? :)