Friday, February 4, 2011

Rugby Six Nations

There's a competition that goes on every year over here. The national rugby team for six countries in Europe compete for the Grand Slam (win every game). The participating countries are England, France, Italy, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Each country plays the remaining 5 countries and to win the Grand Slam means ultimate bragging rights. There is also a mini-tournament within the Six Nations between Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales called the Triple Crown - whoever of the four teams beats the other three takes it. The Triple Crown isn't nearly as exciting as the Grand Slam, but its better than nothing. It beats the Wooden Spoon, which means you won no games at all.

The schedule of games is pretty demanding, as all six teams play either every weekend or every other weekend. For example, the tournament kicks off this evening with England and Wales as the first match. Tomorrow Ireland will meet Italy just before France takes on Scotland. The weekend rotates around rugby and its just fantastic. There is a huge following here for Irish rugby so its infectious fun. Its a game of strategy, strength and skill and it really has to be played by the entire team. One star can't carry a team and I think its the best example of team sport I've ever watch.

So why am I talking about rugby? Well cooking will be involved :) For each time Ireland plays I'm going to make a traditional dish from Ireland and the team we're playing. For example, tomorrow I'm going to make traditional Irish stew for dinner and a Tiramisu for desert (we're playing Italy). I'm not sure at the moment what traditional fare I could prepare for Wales or Scotland, so if you have any ideas I'm all ears. Not Haggis though. I'm not that adventurous. Once was far more than enough!

I hope this all made sense. I'm really looking forward to cooking through the Six Nations and I hope you are too!

Have a wonderful day!!


Jenn x


  1. How fun-the Irish themed food I mean! I must admit I don't know much about rugby itself. In fact Mr NQN just walked past the computer and asked why I was reading about rugby six nations haha!

  2. Good luck! I wanna know how the stew turns out, and if everyone likes it, post the recipe :)

    No failures, please ;) (no pressure)