Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Totally Untraditional Vietnamese Salad Rolls

I was stoked when I found these in my tiny fruit and veg shop.

I couldn't believe it. In a country where I cannot find pearl onions for the life of me and sushi rice has only shown up in the last year. Totally stoked! I knew they would be just the thing for lunch in a rush. And they were! If you haven't tried them before, I highly recommend them. They are very tasty, fun to make and a very enjoyable way to have your veggies. And they are fun to make.

I enjoy food I have to interact with (a grown up way of saying 'I like to play with my food') :D

First off, get all your fillers ready and chopped finely. Once you get the wrappers ready, you'll need to assemble them quickly. I used lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucumber, avocado and shrimp.

The wrappers are pretty firm when you take them out of the wrapper, so you gotta soften them up a bit. Here's where the fun starts!

Put the wrapper in a shallow dish with warm water

Leave it in until it begins to soften. This happens pretty quickly depending on the temperature of the water, maybe 10 seconds. Don't leave it too long or it will lose elasticity and just fall apart.

Shake it off and put it on a plate.

Start piling with filling, keeping in mind that the stuff you put on the bottom will be visible on the top of the roll when you're done. Arrange your stuff lengthwise. Fold the wrapper over the ends, then fold the bottom up and roll the whole thing to close. Here's a video that explains it a little better if that didn't make sense:

Once they were all wrapped up I dipped them in my satay sauce, which I'll post the recipe for tomorrow. They were totally delicious!

I know what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow :)

So what did you have for lunch today?


Jenn x


  1. Yummy :)
    I made very similar rolls for our party on the weekend. Your right so tasty and fresh!

  2. Hehe I like "interactive" food too! Keeps the hands busy! They look fantastic!

  3. WOW! I've been wanting to learn how to make these for months! Yours look amazing. *Drool*

    I'll be using your post for my first attempt. Thanks for sharing this :D